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The key element to success

Integration of all disciplines (geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering) is the key element to successfully understand a reservoir and provide the right tools to optimize field development.

Integration: a challenge that leads to success

The need for increasingly precise models (such as models to target sweet spots or start an EOR process) requires involving many specialists such as geophysicists, structural specialists, sedimentologists, petrophysicists, geomodelers, reservoir engineers, simulation experts. The risk of poor integration, i.e. lack of understanding and communication between specialists, as well as the absence of common objectives, increases with the number of people involved and can ultimately jeopardize the quality of a field study.

On the contrary, specialists working together to combine their experience and knowledge can achieve a successful integrated study in a limited amount of time.

The know-how, the knowledge, and the specialists

With more than 150 highly qualified specialists and engineers and dozens of projects every year, Beicip-Franlab is recognized for its experience in fully integrated studies. Multidisciplinary teams work together to tackle the largest range of challenges:

  • Green fields with few wells and a limited data set or on brown fields with the requirement to handle data from thousands of producers and injectors;
  • Tight sandstone or highly fractured carbonate reservoirs;
  • Condensate gas or heavy oil fields.

Through integrated studies, Beicip-Franlab has developed a recognized worldwide knowledge and is capable of using its acquired experience in new regions.

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