Our Solutions

Various Expert Opinions at Each Stage

Beicip provides consultancy and advisory services in Reserves Evaluation, Certification, Unitization and various expert opinions at each stage of the E&P process (exploration, appraisal, development, production) and for diversified assets portfolios (new, mature or redeveloped fields, prospects, plays & leads).

Our clients include international oil companies, national oil companies, governments, financial institutions and banks.

Our Solutions


Field Development

Reserves Evaluation, Certification & Unitization

Unconventional Resources

From Exploration to Production – Assets Evaluation / Expert Opinion – Know-how, Experience, Services

Beicip-Franlab offers assistance with the following activities:

  • Assistance and participation in data room
  • Assistance for farm-in, farm-out
  • Assistance for reserves & resources evaluation and valuation (after fiscal modeling & economic simulation)
  • Resources & reserves audit – certification
  • Expert opinion:
    1. Unitization and/or arbitration – Competent person
    2. Due diligence
  • Assistance during negotiations (for instance partners or banks)
  • Assistance to optimize the asset portfolio
  • Organization of workshops in Beicip-Franlab offices at the end of studies

Guidelines and classifications used

Our work can be performed following several guidelines and classifications such as:

  • Worldwide: Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS)
  • United Kingdom: FSA Handbook, AIM Rules
  • U.S.A: Stock Exchange Committee (SEC)/ Code of Federal Regulations
  • Canada: Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH)
  • Norway: Guidelines to Classification of the Petroleum Resources on the Norwegian Continental shelf
  • Russia: Russian Classification

Typical Work Proposed

  • Evaluate OOIP/OGIP
  • Assess plays, leads & prospects and associated risks
  • Estimate exploration success probabilities
  • Prospective contingent resources and reserves evaluation / valuation
  • Prospects ranking
  • Deterministic or stochastic approach
  • Decision tree analysis
  • Review and analyze the conceptual/preliminary/approved development plan
  • Analogy / statistical, volumetric & performance analysis
  • (DCA, material balance, numerical simulation) for recovery factor
  • Field analysis: new field / mature field / redeveloped field (e.g. EOR screening & evaluation methods)
  • Capex / Opex estimation
  • Economic evaluation (fiscal & contract modeling)

Some selected references


  • Client: Mid-size company
  • Service: Reserve evaluation & valuation
  • Assets: Producing fields (10 fields)
  • Output: Successful acquisition on Beicip-Franlab recommendations


  • Client: Gulf investor
  • Service: Resource evaluation & reserve valuation
  • Assets: Producing fields & prospects
  • Output: Not acquired


  • Client: Mid-size company
  • Service: Resource evaluation & reserve valuation
  • Assets: Producing field
  • Output: Block farm-in


  • Client: Mid-size company + International Bank
  • Service: Assistance in the economic evaluation
  • Assets: Producing fields
  • Output: Not acquired


  • Client: INDIAN oil company
  • Service: Resource evaluation
  • Assets: Prospects ranking
  • Output: Drilling decision

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