Vast experience & a reliable track record

With more than 45 years of activity and a fully international presence, Beicip-Franlab consultants enjoy a high technical reputation. Our references include a large variety of countries, customers and type of consulting services.


A large variety of customers

Our list of customers includes National Oil companies of all size, including most OPEC’s giant NOC’s, Majors and Super Majors, Independents and mid-size companies, small size and junior oil companies. We also work for Governments and Oil and Gas Regulation Agencies, Ministries, Banks and Financial Institutions, International consulting firms. Since our creation, we have worked for more than 1000 different customers.

A large geographic customer
base and operation base

Our customers and operation base spans over the whole globe. We have large operations in most oil and gas provinces of Europe/Russia, North Africa-Middle East, North America, South America, Sub Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific. Our more than ten International branches and permanent operations bases allow a unique proximity with our customers around the globe.

A large list of references
covering a large variety of topics


  • Exploration of the world’s most active offshore / deep offshore provinces (including Brazil, Mexico and US Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Levant Basin, Western Canada).
  • Exploration of mature basins both onshore and offshore (including North Africa, Middle East, Siberia).
  • Shale resource assessment (including USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, North Africa-Middle East, Siberia).
  • Exploration of thrust belts and foreland basins (including Andean, Alpine, Himalayas).

Field Development

  • Giant and super giant oil fields (including Africa-Middle East-Latin America) : we have studies 20 of the world’s 50 largest oil fields.
  • Fractured carbonate or clastic oil fields (including Middle East, North and Latin America, Russia, China)
  • Tight reservoirs (North Africa, Latin America)
  • EOR : thermal (Middle East, North and Latin America, Russia), chemical (Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia), CO2- N2 injection (Latin America , Middle East), Miscible gas injection (Algeria)
  • Heavy oil / extra heavy oils (Canada, Venezuela, Middle East, Russia)
  • CBM (Europe)

Refinery optimization and refining Master Plans

  • Europe, Middle East, Latin America, North Africa, Asia, Russia

Gas Master Plans

  • Middle East, Asia

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