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Defining regional exploration targets

A regional evaluation study aims at assessing and categorizing undiscovered oil and gas resources and defining regional exploration targets. A typical regional exploration study will consist in integrating available surface and subsurface information and interpretations such as structural geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, and geochemistry.

“Revisiting past exploration and interpreting new data with new ideas”

New ideas, tools & concepts

Regional evaluation is a cornerstone activity for the oil and gas industry. Reinterpreting previous data, incorporating new data, applying new ideas, new tools, and new concepts form the basis of regional exploration.

Beicip-Franlab consultants have developed multidisciplinary methodologies allowing to define new plays and prospects and to reduce risk in exploration. Beicip-Franlab’s explorations have a high capability to define and test new concepts quickly and think ‘differently’.

Our experience and Technology portfolio in regional exploration

Beicip-Franlab is your partner of choice for regional evaluation studies:

Beicip-Franlab consultants have a widely recognized experience in regional exploration around the globe. Our experts have a practical experience in a very large number of basins and plays around the world. This experience is constantly enriched by new studies, incorporating the most recent data and applying new methodologies.

Our regional exploration studies have gained a reputation for excellence around the world. Our track record includes a large list of oil and gas discoveries made by our customers, of successful promotion studies carried out for Governments. The key to our success is our ability to interpret data following best in class methods and to master the use of innovative, advanced modeling techniques. In a nutshell, to ‘think differently’.

Our software solutions for Petroleum System modeling TemisFlow or stratigraphic modeling DionisosFlow have become Industry standards and are widely used around the globe to evaluate the oil and gas potential of sedimentary basins. They are the tools that allow Beicip-Franlab explorationists to ‘think differently’.

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