BFA Academic Programme

The BFA Academic Program provides institutions of higher education and research centers with access to our best in-class exploration and production (E&P) software.

The program provides the opportunity for researchers to use best-in-class software from the industry in their R&D program, for professors and teachers to illustrate geological principles in their classes and for students to prepare for a future career in the energy industry. The program includes renewable licenses, software maintenance, technical and software support for free.

Our Offer: Software, Support & Training

The Program provides academic institutions with the latest versions of selected software from our portfolio. It delivers access to our applications in basin and stratigraphic modeling, seismic inversion, fractured reservoirs characterization and analysis, reservoir modeling simulation and production.

As part of the program, Beicip-Franlab provides technical and software support and, academic institutions have access to a detailed academic tutorial for each product. Beicip-Franlab also organizes free software training sessions for students and researchers in our training rooms once a year. The sessions are taught by the product experts and help students and researchers build expertise in the software.

Benefits of the Program

Privileged Access to State of the Art Technology

Beicip-Franlab software solutions are validated by the IFP Group and are used by major O&G companies in the market. By making these high-end industrial solutions available to universities and research centers, this program helps students to become fully operational when starting working in the industry.

Quality Support and Training

Beicip-Franlab provides academic institutions with high quality support and training. Tutorial and training sessions help students and researchers use correctly the software. The support organization consists of experts in their field and in the use of the software. This expertise guides academics in their work and help innovate and develop competencies.

Free Software for Research and Education

These academic licenses are made available free of charge for two years, renewable. Additional temporary licenses are available to support training sessions or workshops through this academic program.


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