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More than 150 carbonate fields worldwide

Beicip offers to the oil and gas industry its world class expertise on carbonate reservoir exploration, development and production optimization. Our multidisciplinary teams have investigated more than 150 carbonate fields leading to new discoveries, production and recovery factor improvements, and successful development decisions.

A Challenge

Producing oil and gas from carbonate reservoirs is a challenging task. Carbonate reservoirs have complex and heterogeneous geological and petrophysical characteristics. They are often naturally fractured, and exhibit complex porosity systems and wettability characteristics, which drastically influence their multi-phase flow properties.

Integrated multidisciplinary studies

Beicip-Franlab’s experienced geologists, sedimentologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir and petroleum engineers use recognized and innovative tools from third parties as well as IFPEN methods specifically developed to handle carbonate reservoirs.

Geological and petrophysical characterization

Detailed sedimentological, stratigraphical and petrographical studies from outcrops, cores and petrographic samples,
Petrophysical interpretations of cores and electric logs,
Advanced rock-typing methods using multidimensional statistical techniques (EasyTrace),

Geostatistical matrix properties modeling, Discrete Fracture Network models, Geocellular models for carbonate fields.

Dynamic modeling and production simulation

Optimizing water and gas injection in carbonate fields,
Mature field redevelopment plan,
Giant/Supergiant field development plan,
Dynamic simulation in karstic and triple porosity fields,
EOR methods (for example CO2, N2, surfactants, thermal methods)

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