Maximizing the potential of your asset

As a leading independent consulting service provider, our consultants offer global experience and local knowledge to help you maximized the potential of your asset. Our consulting services are anchored by these pillars that power up our delivery:


We can help you untap your asset potential using our state-of-art technology portfolio. With more than 1500 dedicated researchers in IFPEN and Beicip-Franlab, we are leaders in upstream technologies especially in the area of exploration, carbonate, unconventional, EOR as well as complex assets.


Beicip-Franlab Asia has a vast experienced local and international subject matter experts that are globally recognized as Gurus for their domains. For instance, Beicip-Franlab has more than 290 consultants with more than 80% of them are Ph.D. holders.


Our global experience is undeniable. With more than 55 years in the industry, working with more than 1000 clients worldwide and involved in more than 12,000 projects – great enough to position us as the leading petroleum consulting company in the world.


The absence of subsequent business (drilling, completion and well services) allows us to speak and deliver in the impartial mode. This value is critical to preserve in the subsurface consulting portfolio to avoid a bias-advise. That’s what makes us in the industry for more than 55 years!

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