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Maximizing the field production

Master Development Plan (MDP) is the ultimate objective of most of the full field integrated studies. It is designed to maximize the field production and optimize the MDP is a real objective in terms of reservoir management and surface facilities performances. The integration of simulation results and surface versus sub-surface field behaviors is the success key for production improvement.

MDP: A challenge which leads to enhanced production

The need for Master Development Plan requires involving many specialists: reservoir engineers, simulation experts, field engineers, field architects, drilling/completion engineers… The benefit , i.e.is a better understanding of the field potential by through the improvement of wells’ placing, completion, artificial lift and reduction of bottlenecking whatever is the selected production scenario and existing facilities.


Beicip-Franlab Services in MDP

With Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers and Economists, Beicip-Franlab has a well-known recognized experience in Master Development Plan. Teams of specialists which are used to work together can spell address the largest range of challenges:

Definition of different development scheme of increasing complexity based on production profiles;

  • Continuous application of improved recovery technologies;
    • Identification of new drilling techniques;
    • Identification of new completion techniques;
    • New production operations as lift systems;
    • New recovery methods (thermal, chemical,…)
  • Development of pre-feed surface and sub-surface architecture;
  • Estimation of related Cost and planning.
  • Economic analysis

Through onshore and offshore MDP studies for oil and gas fields, Beicip-Franlab has developed a recognized worldwide knowledge and is capable of using the acquired experience in new regions based on multi-disciplinary staff.


Key Benefits

  • Simulation of development scenarios and selection of the optimal one;
  • Estimation of Reserves and pre-feed development plan, including economic analysis.
  • Recommendations for sub-surface and well production improvement;
  • Integration of surface facilities requirements;

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