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Defining regional exploration targets

Beicip-Franlab has a successful track record for deep and ultra-deep offshore exploration in the world’s most active basins: this experience includes the exploration of Atlantic margins of Africa, Brazil, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico (in the USA and in Mexico), the Caribbean margins, the East Mediterranean.

Experienced exploration teams

Over the past decade, our exploration teams have been involved in various oil and gas discoveries in deep and ultra-deep offshore exploration, in regional play fairway analysis and prospect evaluation studies.

Integrated stratigraphy,
sedimentology, structural modeling

Our consultants provide accurate seismic structural interpretation, seismic stratigraphy as well as seismic attribute interpretations. Our geologists interpret basin stratigraphy using advanced sequence stratigraphy concepts. Oil and gas migration pathways are analyzed in tight link with the sequence stratigraphy context and the structural interpretations. Beicip-Franlab exploration teams have developed a unique experience in constructing integrated stratigraphic / structural/ flow models combining our tools DionisosFlow, TemisFlow with seismic interpretations.

Dedicated software solutions for
offshore / deep offshore exploration

Beicip-Franlab consultants use DionisosFlow to model stratigraphic sequences and predict reservoir and seal continuity and quality. Our basin modeling teams use TemisFlow to reconstruct the thermal/pressure/flow regime associated with the lithostratigraphic architecture constrained with DionisosFlow. We model oil and gas kitchens through time as well as their respective drainage areas and migration conduits. Seal capacity is dynamically modeled consistently with lithostratigraphic interpretation. These reconstructions allow to study the effectiveness of plays and to predict the location and size of oil and gas accumulations at prospects.

In the deep offshore, it is critical the evaluate gas occurrence possibility as well as risk of biodegradation phenomena. Our explorationists use the compositional module of TemisFlow to evaluate the GOR and API gravity of oil accumulations, taking into account primary and secondary cracking, biodegradation or biogenic gas generation possibilities. Occurrence of non HC gases (CO2) is evaluated in relation with burial and digenesis of carbonate sediments using unique modeling techniques.

Seismic analysis as a tool for
deep-offshore exploration

Our geophysicists use quantitative seismic attributes tied with geological models and interpretations to evaluate reservoir properties. Our multi-disciplinary team integrate post- or pre-stack attribute analysis derived from our InterWell seismic inversion solution(post- and pre-stack inversion, AVO, multivariate attribute analysis and/or massive modeling techniques) with structural and stratigraphic interpretation.

Uncertainty assessment

Our teams have developed a rigorous and fast track uncertainty assessment method with uses Beicip-Franlab’s CougarFlow tool. Based on experimental design concepts, CougarFlow allows ranking the different unknown parameters in DionisosFlow or TemisFlow models and compute in rigorous way ranges of variations of oil and gas accumulations at prospects as well as fluids characteristics (GORs or API). Min, Mean, Max values calculated this way for are more reliable than with the conventional Monte Carlo method.

Our Technology portfolio and
experience in offshore / deep offshore

Our exploration teams have developed the use of techniques that allow to maximize the information extracted from seismic data while ensuring a tight integration of seismic interpretations with geological disciplines:

  • Structural geology and seismic interpretation
  • Stratigraphic and sedimentologic / diagenetic models
  • Seismic characterization methods
  • Oil and gas generation (thermogenic as well as biogenic) and migration pathways analysis.

Our exploration teams master each of these different individual disciplines at the best level and have a strong experience with multidiscipline integration.

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