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Compressive basins attract a lot of exploration efforts worldwide. A rigorous understanding of structures, of reservoir properties and of hydrocarbon charge and migration pathways is the key to successful exploration of compressive basins. Beicip-Franlab consultants have a large experience in such analysis, in regions such as the Andeans, the Caribbean domain, the Alpine-Himalayan compressive systems (W-Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Pakistan-India).

Solving a multidisciplinary challenge

Mountain fronts are characterized by complex tectonic structures which require adequate seismic imaging techniques. Beicip-Franlab can help designing optimal seismic reprocessing and quality control services. Our consultants have a large experience in the interpretation of complex thrust systems. Our structural geology teams use most recent 3D structural geology concepts to derive reliable structural interpretations from 2D and 3D seismic data and tie them with oil gas generation / migration models. State of the art 2D or 3D restoration methods are used to elaborate consistent interpretations.

Foreland basins, adjacent to mountain fronts, are structurally simpler, and their exploration is generally more mature. Our consultants have developed multidisciplinary workflows to decipher structural traps, subtle traps, stratigraphic traps or hydrodynamic traps. Our modeling team addresses the effect of topography-driven hydrodynamics on the thermal regime, on migration pathways, as well as their effect on the biodegradation or weathering of oils.

Workflows and Technology portfolio of Beicip

Our consulting team will review and interpret seismic data and develop consistent structural geo-scenarios. They will use burial history and present and past subsurface temperatures, to reconstruct thermal history and kitchen development consistently with deformation along faults, taking into account the effect of tectonic burial, erosions, and hydrodynamic effects.

Beicip-Franlab geologists will use DionisosFlow to model stratigraphic sequence development in compressive basins. This tool allows incorporating the effect of faults and uplift on regional lithofacies distribution and stratigraphic organization. Our basin team will reconstruct oil migration pathways along 2D sections or in 3D, consistently with the tectonic and thermal regime using TemisFlow. API gravity and GOR of accumulations at prospects will be modeled taking into account phenomena such as biodegradation and hydrodynamic events.

Our basin team will use CougarFlow to rank prospects according to size and nature of hydrocarbons accumulations, and uncertainty will be rigorously evaluated.

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