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The discovery of new plays and prospects

The history of exploration shows abundant evidence that new data, new concepts, and new interpretations can lead to the discovery of new plays and new prospects in mature basins. Beicip-Franlab has a long experience in exploration of such basins, including rifted basins in the North Sea or Africa, intracratonic basins and margins in North Africa, carbonate platforms in the Middle East, Jurassic/Cretaceous sag basins in West Siberia, in the peri-Atlantic margins, in basins of Latin America.

New ideas, new plays

Our explorationists have developed workflows and techniques specially adapted to mature basins. These techniques aim at incorporating in a timely manner the numerous data wells usually available in mature basins (logs, cores, production data, seismics) into well organized, quality-controlled data base.

Application of new ideas and new concept allows then to revisit previous interpretations. Beicip-Franlab consultants will reconstruct sequence stratigraphy/ sedimentological models incorporating new seismic inversion results and seismic attributes. Subtle traps, diagenetic traps, stratigraphic trap will be particularly investigated. New ideas on source rocks and hydrocarbon migration pathways will be tested through the development of 3D basin modeling and stratigraphic modeling techniques.

Our experts will test the possibility of hydrodynamic traps driven by topography or compaction. Data pertaining to water salinity distribution in carrier beds, water chemistry, overpressure distribution, production data, will be carefully reviewed and incorporated in the analysis.

Technology portfolio for exploration in mature basins

Beicip offers a unique set of innovative technology solutions for exploration in a mature basin. These tools can be used separately or in a combined way, along with integrated workflows.

InterWell offers seismic inversion solution in mature exploration situation. Its flexible a priori impedance modeling capability can cope with all kind of a priori information (preexisting wells).

DionisosFlow is the ideal stratigraphic modeling tool in mature basins. It allows matching well data and known seismic interpretations, refining stratigraphic correlations and predicting reservoir and seal property distributions.

TemisFlow is a powerful integration tool allowing reconstructing thermal and maturity of source intervals, testing new source rocks, simulating hydrocarbon expulsions migration scenarios. TemisFlow, linked to DionisosFlow, is a superior ‘integration’ tool for the multidisciplinary exploration team.

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