We believe a combination of the case method and practical work best achieve this objective. We utilize these techniques in sequenced programs to allow systematic progress from basic to intermediate to advanced levels. Our programs incorporate instructional design elements such as the influence of prior knowledge, organization of knowledge, and provision of specific practice and feedback. We foster self-directed learning as part of an overall schema for development of mastery.

Basin Evaluation
  • Regional tectonic setting
  • Petrophysical evaluation
  • Structural framework & seismic interpretation
  • Stratigraphic framework
  • Petroleum system modeling
  • Play concepts & identification
  • Play fairway assessment
Formation Evaluation
  • Lithology identification
  • Porosity determination
  • Water saturation & fluid contacts determination
  • Pore size distribution & fracture analysis
  • Reservoir rock permeability & pressure
  • Depositional environment & reservoir structure
  • Rock geo-mechanics

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