Authors: M.H.H. Mohammad¹, D.A. Uli², Z.Z. Tuan Harith¹, A. Kumar¹, A. Kolupaev¹, S.F. Lim¹, Y.F. Zainudain¹

¹Beicip-Franlab Asia, ²PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd

This paper was prepared for APGCE 2019, 29-30 October 2019, KL


The paper discusses an innovative methodology of designing a carbonate reservoir model on a field in Central Luconiafor planning further optimal field development and reservoir management & surveillance (RMS) using a Forward Stratigraphic Modelling (FSM) approach. The method used in the FSM approach is to first set the modeling input parameters which mostly represent the main depositional processes such as conditions of wave energy & direction, paleobathymetry, carbonate production rate, eustatic changes, amount of subsidence, etc. These input parameters are obtained from an integrated approach of analysis on all hard data available including the understanding of modern analogues to create a conceptual model at the time of deposition. The steps are reiterative until an acceptable match between the model results and the hard data is obtained. Overall, the FSM model aided greatly in understanding the Internal Reservoir Architecture, Facies distribution, and also Karst Interpretation in the field.

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