Fractured reservoirs with FracaFlow

Benefiting from 15 years of research work and numerous success stories, FracaFlow is the most advanced package for fractured reservoir characterization, modeling, and calibration available on the market. It is completed by a unique ability to model the impact of hydraulic fracturing on existing natural fractures.


Unmatched characterization capabilities

FracaFlow is the only package available on the market to provide all the necessary tools to assess fractured reservoirs, from secondary porosity assessment to permeability computation. It allows geologists and reservoir engineers to pragmatically understand the impact of fractures and their associated uncertainties.

FracaFlow embeds a large set of tools allowing geologists to understand the way a fracture network is affecting a reservoir:

  • Geological data analysis tools to reach a quantitative description of the fracture network
  • Dynamic data analysis tools to predict & calibrate fracture network properties between wells.

From Fracture Network Modeling to Dual Medium Simulation

Handling from deterministic regional faults to the smallest sub-seismic, diffuse fractures sets, FracaFlow delivers the most geologically consistent fracture network model, which may be further refined by any seismic or geological attributes.
FracaFlow allows tuning of critical fracture network properties through simulation of KH, flowmeter or even well test signatures that may be calibrated against observed data at well locations.
Upon calibration, the fracture network model may be up-scaled using either analytical or numerical methods for dual-medium simulation purposes, generating dual porosity and permeability cubes as well as shape factors.

Key benefits

  • Full workflow within a single work environment, from characterization to modeling and up-scaling
  • Applicable to any type of fractured field (carbonate, clastics, basement)
  • Unique fracture network calibration tools with KH matching loop and well test simulation
  • Modeling of the changes of DFN dynamic properties when stimulated
  • Link to EasyTrace, CobraFlow, CougarFlow and PumaFlow for full scope fractured reservoir studies

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