CougarFlow is a versatile package to efficiently optimize your reservoir or petroleum system models and to thoroughly analyze the associated risks: quantifying uncertainties on reservoir production forecasts, performing assisted history matching or assessing the risk on hydrocarbon accumulations in a regional basin model. CougarFlow allows for safer and enlightened decision making.

Uncertainty Analysis & AHM for
Reservoir Models

Through a multiple realizations approach based on experimental design and state of the art optimization algorithms, CougarFlow delivers:

  • A thorough screening of uncertainties on a given range of input parameters and of their influence on key reservoir simulation outputs
  • Rapid and robust Assisted History Match offering both a fast converging gradient method (local optimizer) and a thorough Bayesian approach (global optimizer)
  • Uncertainty analysis for quantifying parameter impact on modeled pressures, production rates and any other output variable; for better understanding the risks associated to a project, for the entire life-cycle of the reservoir
  • Parameter optimization for a given field development scenario, to predict the most favorable well locations and perforations or for maximizing production rates. Input parameters from both the geological and the simulation model may be considered, bridging the gap between geomodeling and reservoir engineering teams

Finally, by integrating the whole set of uncertainties related to a reservoir study – from geological to engineering or even economical parameters – into a complete risk analysis and optimization workflow, CougarFlow provides you with a better grasp of the key influential parameters of a reservoir study and allows for safer decision making at every stage of the field development.

Risk & Sensitivity Analysis for Stratigraphic Modeling and Regional Petroleum System Modeling

Seamlessly linked to Beicip-Franlab stratigraphic modeling software DionisosFlow and basin modeling package TemisFlow, CougarFlow features effective sensitivity and risk analysis. It encompasses the full range of intimately-coupled phenomena controlling hydrocarbon fluids occurrence in sedimentary basins, from the stratigraphic architecture and facies distribution up to the trapped hydrocarbon charge and quality.

Combining experimental design and response surface methodologies, CougarFlow is one of the few affordable solutions to reliably express DionisosFlow and TemisFlow results in a probabilistic manner. CougarFlow eases uncertainty quantification and model optimization by offering a systematic and rigorous approach. It allows users to explore their models beyond the conventional best and worst case concept, for enlightened decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and integrated workflows for screening, uncertainty quantification and model optimization
  • Handling both static and dynamic uncertain parameters
  • Open to third-party packages : geomodelers (PetrelTM) – reservoir simulators (PumaFlow, ECLIPSETM, VIP/NexusTM, CMGTM) – OpenFlow Suite modules (FracaFlow, CobraFlow, TemisFlow, DionisosFlow)
  • Applicable to reservoir and regional (Basin Modeling) models
  • Innovative and proven algorithms for AHM, using a custom gradient-method for efficient optimization and a Bayesian approach for thorough investigation
  • Easy data and scenario management with powerful QC and visualization tools

Product Sheet

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