EasyTrace is a multi-disciplinary 1D data processing and editing tool, featuring a wide range of functionalities for geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers within a very productive package.


Development & Production

Integrated Log Processing

Well data is often acquired in different formats, with different sampling rates, requiring appropriate processing for modern geological modeling. Geophysical and geological reservoir characterization both require specific log processing and editing, for example rock-typing from logs and cores, seismic signature analysis, and AVO feasibility analysis.

EasyTrace takes advantage of a true spreadsheet environment that offers advanced 1D data editing, analysis and processing functionalities to help geoscientists in their daily work. EasyTrace is now plugged into the OpenFlow platform and shares its entire range of powerful capabilities with all the OpenFlow Suite applications, especially CobraFlow and FracaFlow.


EasyTrace allows manipulation and numerical & graphic editing of any kind of 1D data:

  • Property: GR, Velocity, Lithology, Porosity, SCAL …
  • Units: API, m/s, g/cm3 …
  • Coordinates: depth (MD, TVD, …), time …
  • Sampling: regular, irregular, layer …

EasyTrace is the natural pre-processing tool for different workflows:

  • Electrofacies determination for matrix characterization (using CobraFlow for example)
  • Data preparation for lithoseismic inversion (using InterWell for example)
  • Fracture data analysis
  • Plug data management like KrPc and classification for rock-typing

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and versatile toolbox to analyse and process 1D data. No equivalent in the industry in terms of versatility.
  • AVO/AVA/AVAZ analysis & modeling
  • Advanced petro-elastic modelling & log substitution
  • Easy to learn and put in action.
  • Multiple and proven techniques for electrofacies analysis, not part of an expensive petrophysical analysis package.
  • Advanced Rock-typing for the reservoir

Product Sheet

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