Kuala Lumpur, 16th July 2018 – Beicip-Franlab announces updates to the new release of OpenFlow Suite 2018 in July. This new update brings new functionalities and higher performance to answer its users’ needs and increase productivity, with a strong emphasis on result display and analysis on the platform side. The 2018 version will give a better user experience through the platform interface improvement as well as the upgrade of its simulation’s engine.

Another incredible milestone was announced with the release of the first industrial version of KronosFlow, the new generation of  2D kinematic petroleum system modeling package which is first at its class.

“KronosFlow will be seamlessly linked with TemisFlow 2D Complex Tectonics for performing efficient 2D basin modeling studies specifically in structurally challenging areas. It has been gone through a robust R&D evaluation and tested at major complex basins by IFPEN and key industry partners ”, Marie said during her recent new release announcement for Asia market in Kuala Lumpur.

Forward Stratigraphic Modelling

DionisosFlow™, CougarFlow™

With more and more applications at basin and reservoir scale around the world, DionisosFlow keeps proving its strengths and leadership in forward stratigraphic modelling.

DionisosFlow 2018 is a new key step in the development of the software with the delivery of a brand new calculator developed on the IFPen innovative Arcane computer platform. The full rewriting of the code unlocks a strong potential of evolution which starts from this version, with parallel computing and many improvements of the physics.

With a drastically reduced simulation time through multi-CPU calculation, it becomes more than ever easy to run multiple models, understand and reduce the risk using CougarFlow.

Basin and Petroleum System Modeling

KronosFlow™, TemisFlow™, CougarFlow™

KronosFlow 2018 is the first industrial and commercial version of KronosFlow, our new tool for the kinematic restoration of 2D sections.

Designed in the first place for basin modeling purposes, KronosFlow aims at finding the good balance between structurally acceptable kinematics and productivity to efficiently produce 2D detailed kinematic scenarios in challenging areas.

Starting from cross section present day drawing, KronosFlow features all required functionalities to restore its structural evolution through geological times while meeting basin modeling constraints. KronosFlow output is a series of paleo-sections sharing a single mesh continuously deformed, adapted to sedimentation, erosion, and basin shortening and/or extension.

Combined with TemisFlow 2D Complex Tectonics and its new simulator ArcTem, this technology allows not only accounting properly for structures geometries at present day and through time but also simulating faults impact on water and hydrocarbon flows with a rigorous approach. It is the mandatory tool for the exploration of complex regions where classic basin modeling solutions do not accurately manage the combination of lateral and vertical tectonic displacements.

In addition to its new 2D Complex Tectonics module, TemisFlow 2018 continues its revamping for a smoother user experience with higher performances and improved ergonomics.

Most of the work consisted in reviewing the GeoGrid Editor, central element of our basin modeling workflows. The data model has been totally reviewed to optimize performances and integrate a lot of evolutions and functionalities to answer users’ feedback and requests. Many other modules have also been improved and enriched with new options, such as the run manager or the PVT computation.

TemisFlow also benefits from CougarFlow 2018 GUI evolution for sensitivity and risk analysis.

Characterization of Complex and Fractured Reservoirs

 EasyTrace™, FracaFlow™

In the new version of the now classical toolbox for 1D Data, EasyTrace 2018, the focus has been set on processing large amounts of data with options to easily retrieve any information. The main enhancements are on data selection and filtering (wells, logs, and tables), the interval computation application, and the color-scale in Multi-Graphs. Moreover, the application has been fully redesigned with a new window style.

FracaFlow is the most advanced package available on the market for fractured reservoir characterization, modeling and dynamic calibration. FracaFlow 2018 incorporates a new functionality named Geomechanical Constraint Computation that completes the widest range of analysis modules available in an industrial package.

This module calculates the disturbance of the stress field induced by the faults and provides many useful maps relating to the fracture aperture and conductivity or the fracturing criteria. New workflows for predicting fracture properties are available for even greater reliability!

Reservoir Simulation

PumaFlow™, PVTFlow™, CougarFlow™

The suite of modules dedicated to reservoir engineers is one of the most physically demanding on the market with proven features on the largest fields in the world. The advanced modeling capabilities in IOR and EOR are complemented by specialized modules such as those for fluids and uncertainties.

PumaFlow 2018 breaks new challenges:

  • Import and convert Eclipse decks into PumaFlow workflows ready to simulate;

  • Create Single Well Chemical EOR Test simulation case following guided steps with smart default values;

Other practical improvements in post-processing have been added to increase efficiency, such as automatic views and save favorite settings.

PVTFlow 2018 and its very intuitive and powerfull workflow extends its range of application to heavy oil and complex fluids, with dedicated correlations and flexibility in the tuning of EOS parameters, PVTFlow 2018 is the perfect PVT package to prepare fluid models for PumaFlow simulations.

CougarFlow 2018 has been revamped to enable faster, more user-friendly, business-centric use. Users of previous versions will find all the qualities they know about the scientific rigor of the results provided.