Job Title: Geoscientist
Position: Permanent
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Job Description

  • Perform technical services on integrated geophysical and geological studies according to the project scope of works, deliverables, and deadlines.
  • Prepare technical reports, presentations, and workshops to obtain an endorsement from the project owner or client on project deliverables during project reviews/milestones and after project completion, with high technical integrity as recommended/reviewed/required by Peer and Technical Assurance.
  • Conduct seismic interpretation (2D/3D) works at the regional, field, and prospect scales.
  • Perform fault interpretation for structural and stratigraphic trap analysis, and ability to explain the structural framework model with the regional tectonic setting.
  • Perform horizon interpretation in regional and field-scale correlation including across faults.
  • Perform seismic sequence stratigraphy and seismic facies as part of integrated sequence stratigraphic analysis to provide input for geomodelling works.
  • Generate seismic attributes and perform seismic geomorphology analysis by integrating geological information for mapping the depositional facies or sand fairways.
  • Produce depth structural map using various conversion depth conversion techniques.
  • Screen and generate leads/prospects, and prospect evaluation including risk analysis and hydrocarbon resource/reserves estimations (deterministic and probabilistic).
  • Mentor junior geoscience professionals in the team (domain and project).

Key Requirements

  • Possess BSc, MSc or PhD in Geology/Geophysics or similar discipline.
  • Minimum of 5 years working experience in the oil and gas E&P industry as a Geoscientist
  • Good skill in 2D/3D seismic interpretation techniques, basic attribute generation and working knowledge of industry-standard software including Petrel and Paleoscan is essential.
  • Able to handle, QC and guide the project team on data management for all related seismic and well data.
  • Proven work experience in conducting seismic (horizon & fault) interpretation work and producing depth structure map(s) using basic methods of time-to-depth conversion.
  • A good understanding of structural geology and modelling methods (including VBM/water-tight structural model, structural reconstruction, restoration and balance interpretation)
  • A good understanding of geological concepts to apply seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis.
  • Knowledgeable of quantitative interpretation techniques.
  • Able to perform deterministic and probabilistic volumetric calculations
  • V ery good command of English, excellent communication and presentation skills, and proven record in technical/scientific report writing skills.
  • A good team player with strong interpersonal and analytical thinking skills with experiences in a multi-disciplinary environment.

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