Kuala Lumpur, 19th July 2018 – Beicip-Franlab Asia has been successfully organized its inaugural KL Exploration Meeting on 19th July 2018 at the Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The conference showcased their innovative solutions of 4D Forward Stratigraphic Modelling with DionisosFlow and the new 2018 released of KronosFlow for 2D kinematics Basin Modelling for complex settings.

The event has received close to 50 participants from PETRONAS, Mubadala Petroleum, Sapura Energy and Repsol for the event. The event honored to have the technical keynotes on Challenges in Basin Modelling delivered by Dr. Jamaal M Hoesni, Custodian for Petroleum System Modelling of PETRONAS with subsequence technical presentation on the unique solutions delivered by our Global Technology Expert, Marie Callies who is currently leading the development of DionisosFlow, TemisFlow, and KronosFlow in Beicip-Franlab Paris.

“KL Exploration Meeting 2018 has been another significant milestone for us to become the leader of a subsurface consulting in Asia,” Eddy Kamaruddin, VP Business Development Asia, Beicip-Franlab Asia.